PD: Two brothers fight after one attacks prostitute with golf club

Mesa Police Department
Posted at 12:54 PM, Jan 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-25 14:54:35-05

MESA, AZ — Two Mesa brothers fought each other after one attacked a prostitute with a golf club.

On Sunday, January 20, Mesa police say they responded to a home near Country Club Drive and Main Street for a family fight call.

When they arrived at the home, a 93-year-old woman answered the door and said to the officers, "You're going to need more than the two of you."

Inside the home, a half-dressed woman came out of a room followed by 62-year-old Robin Robert Hinkle, who yelled at officers to shoot him.

When Hinkle refused to drop to the ground, he was tazed, according to police.

Police learned half-dressed woman was a prostitute who came to the home about once a week.

In this instance, Hinkle and the woman argued and she tried to leave the home via a bedroom window.

Hinkle allegedly pulled her back into the home and hit her with a golf club.

Hinkle's brother came into the room after hearing the woman scream for help.

When he got in the room, he reportedly saw Hinkle holding the woman down on he bed with the golf club.

The brothers fought until police arrived.

Police say Hinkle has a history of aggravated assault convictions.

He has been charged with unlawful imprisonment and several counts of aggravated assault.