PD: Tolleson father charged with homicide after shaken baby dies

Posted at 11:27 AM, Mar 05, 2018

The Tolleson Police Department says a father arrested for violently shaking his baby has now been charged with homicide after the infant’s death.

The Tolleson Police Department was contacted by workers at Phoenix Children's Hospital on Saturday for suspected child abuse involving a one-month-old boy. 

Hospital officials reportedly told police that the boy was suffering from a 'severe traumatic brain injury' and was not expected to survive. The child died at the hospital on Wednesday, according to police. 

Police say they arrested the boy's father, 22-year-old Jose Jesus Trevizo, who was caring for the baby at the time.

Trevizo allegedly confessed to, “violently shaking his son on four separate occasions throughout the night because he was tired, and the baby continued to cry." He also allegedly told police that he threw the baby on the bed, head first where, "he landed on a box."

Trevizo reportedly looked up videos on the internet on how to perform CPR on infants and attempted it. 

He allegedly told police that he was too scared to call 911. 

The boy's mother was working overnight and then went to sleep at her mother's home. 

She called 911 after checking on the child and finding him stiff and unresponsive. The infant was hospitalized but died on Wednesday.

Trevizo was arrested for child abuse, and has now been charged with homicide after the infant's death.