PD: Tempe victim tracks down stolen truck, finds chop shop

Posted at 2:31 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 19:47:50-05

A Tempe stolen truck victim tracks down his truck and leads police to a chop shop. 

Court records show that a man used the website Offer Up to track down his stolen vehicle. The victim went to the address listed and spotted the truck. He immediately called police who arrived and spotted the suspect allegedly taking the truck apart.

Police report that on Dec. 10, they received a call from a man who said he had found his stolen GMC truck. Police responded to the home near Mill Avenue and Broadway Road in time to see 50-year-old Richard Wills underneath the truck working on it.

Police say they allegedly found the truck's parts all over the front yard and more parts in Wills' vehicle.

An altered key was discovered in the vehicle. The truck owner reportedly told police that he still had both keys to the truck in his possession. Wills insisted that he had a bill of sale for the truck, saying that he paid $300 for it.

Police say Wills had no title and the "bill of sale" was handwritten and illegible. Police report that the value of the truck is about $7,000.

Police also reportedly found a black Harley Davidson motorcycle that was reported stolen as well.

Police say Wills has an extensive criminal history including theft, forgery and assault. He's been charged with car theft, trafficking in stolen merchandise and conducting a chop shop.