PD: Tempe officer chases motorcyclist through "rolling roadblock" created by bikers

Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 00:45:54-04

A motorcycle pursuit in Tempe appears to have come straight from a Hollywood script. 

On October 4 around 11 p.m., an undercover Tempe detective reportedly saw a motorcycle "pop a wheelie" on Mill Avenue near Curry Road, then ride away going about 55 miles-per-hour in the 40 mile-per-hour zone. 

The motorcycle, allegedly driven by 21-year-old Logan James Morris, sped away and reportedly pulled in front of a stopped vehicle at an intersection and paused there, even after the light turned green. 

The officer was able to pull close enough to see Morris and record a license plate number. But as the officer tried to pull Morris over, the chase took a turn.

Morris allegedly raised his arm into the air, and moments later, ten additional motorcycle riders caught up with Morris as he took off. According to police, the group of motorcyclists swerved back and forth, creating a "rolling roadblock" between Morris and the officer. 

The officer managed to get past the roadblock, but Morris reportedly rode into the bicycle lane and accelerated through Rio Salado Parkway. 

The officer then terminated his pursuit. 

The following night, the officer arrived at Morris' home in Surprise and took him into custody. 

Morris reportedly apologized to the officer, saying he regretted his actions. 

Morris has been charged with unlawful flight.