Phoenix man fights off armed thief in home

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 16:33:28-04

A Phoenix man who assaulted employees at a shoe store, stole from the store, and then fled into a home found himself in a fight with the homeowner. 

Police report that on May 10 a man, later identified as 26-year-old Jerry Anthony Sharpe, entered the Warehouse Shoe Store near 40th Street and Thomas Road. Witnesses say he was wearing a backpack and carrying a beer. He was asked to throw away the beer, but instead he told store employees he was going to rob the store.

Employees say he took a couple of shoes boxes and started to leave when an employee knocked the boxes out of his hand. Sharpe then allegedly punched the employee in the mouth. Another employee told everyone to let him go, but Sharpe picked up the boxes and punched that employee in the mouth too before leaving.

Police say a helicopter was searching for Sharpe when a homeowner in the area became concerned about the police presence. He walked into his home to check on his wife, and he found Sharpe in a hallway holding a hammer. The two men fought in the home; Sharpe hit the homeowner in the arm with the hammer. The homeowner hit Sharpe's head against the wall as he forced him into a bedroom and closed the door on him. 

As the homeowner went to grab his gun, Sharpe escaped out of the bedroom window. 

The helicopter flying above saw Sharpe coming out of the window and then witnessed him smashing cars with the hammer. Officer on the ground were able to take him into custody. 

Sharpe was taken to a hospital for evaluation and the next day he was questioned, reportedly telling police that he didn't remember anything that happened the previous day but stated that he does use methamphetamine.

Sharpe has been charged with criminal trespassing, assault and theft.