PD: Scottsdale serial pool pump thief caught

PD: Scottsdale serial pool pump thief caught
Posted at 12:41 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 15:41:06-04

A man who may be responsible for "a rash of pool pump burglaries in north Scottsdale" was arrested by police. 

Scottsdale police report that on July 25, 30-year-old Casey Spicer was arrested for allegedly stealing pool pumps in Scottsdale and Phoenix. 

Police say that in May, a pool pump was stolen from a community center in Scottsdale, witnesses reported seeing a trail of water from the pool to a black Chrysler 300. 

Over time, several other pool pump thefts were reported. Police checked social media sites and located used pool pumps for sale. The person placing the ad was Spicer, who also owns a black Chrysler 300. 

On July 25 Spicer was observed by officers as he went into the backyard of a home for sale, near 19th Avenue and Greenway Road. 

Spicer was allegedly seen coming out of the backyard with a pool pump and putting it into his car. 

He is being held without bond since he is on release from a prior arrest. 

He has been charged with burglary and trafficking stolen property.