PD: Room full of stolen items found by Scottsdale police

Posted at 11:52 AM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 16:56:31-05

If you live in the area of 96th Street and Cactus Road and are missing items from your garage, they may be in the hands of Scottsdale police. 

Police say they arrested two men, 34-year-old Tom Lee Price and 33-year-old Scott Marek Saunders, for numerous garage thefts in the Scottsdale neighborhood.

The pair allegedly stole mostly high-end golf clubs, but police say they also found bicycles, tools, weapons and other items. 

Police say an entire room in the pair's home was filled with stolen items. So far they have found five victims, but expect to identify many more.

The assessed value of the stolen property is about $8,000. 

Police reportedly identified Price as one of the suspects after a victim posted photos of the stolen bicycle on social media. A person who bought the bike contacted police and helped to identify Price as the seller.

Both men were arrested on October 24 in separate locations in Scottsdale. 

Price allegedly barricaded himself in their home, but was apprehended after a tactical team breached the house. 

Saunders and Price have both been charged with several counts of theft and trafficking in stolen property.