PD: PHX shoplifter caught eating the evidence near grocery store

Posted at 1:26 PM, Nov 21, 2018

Police arrested a serial shoplifter outside an Albertson's store when he was caught eating the evidence moments after the theft. 

Phoenix police report that on November 15, Isaiah Lee Roggenbuck, 18, was seen stealing a bottle of vodka from the Alberton's store near 19th and Northern avenues. The manager told police he recognized Roggenbuck, as the teen is a frequent shoplifter at the store. 

The store manager allegedly witnessed Roggenbuck stealing the vodka and told him to return the bottle; however, Roggenbuck refused and allegedly threatened to stab the manager with a screwdriver. 

As Roggenbuck walked out of the store, he also grabbed a chocolate cake, according to police. 

Outside of the store, police say Roggenbuck was confronted by another store employee who demanded the teen return the vodka. Roggenbuck allegedly gave back the vodka, but said, "I'm taking the cake." 

Police later located Roggenbuck near the area, armed with the screwdriver and still eating the chocolate cake. 

Roggenbuck is being held without bond since he was already on felony release for drug and shoplifting offenses. He has been charged with aggravated assault and shoplifting.