PD: Phoenix man takes bath in front yard

Posted at 2:10 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 01:50:37-04

A Phoenix man decides to bathe in his front yard in front of children. 

Court records show that on August 16 neighbors near 39th Avenue and McDowell Road got an eye full as a man thought it would be good to bathe in his front yard.

Police report that 40-year-old Iran Rene Gourdin was seen outside by his neighbors taking a bath with a five-gallon bucket.

Witnesses say Gourdin bathed outside for about two hours exposing himself and making sexual gestures while adults and children were out in the neighborhood.

Police said when they arrived Gourdin was hard to understand but very talkative. Police say they found a used meth pipe and some marijuana next to him.

Alma Mata who lives in the neighborhood said his children saw the man as they played outside. 

"You just want to get him and beat him up or tell him something, especially because it's three boys and the smallest one was a girl," she said. 

She took video to have evidence and show police, but she says it took police two hours to respond. 
"They said they had other things that they were handling that were more important." 
Gourdin has been charged with indecent exposure and multiple counts of public sexual indecency.