PD: Phoenix dad captures teen daughter's alleged stalker

Posted at 11:08 AM, Oct 31, 2018

A Phoenix father captured his teenage daughter's alleged adult stalker after months of harassment toward the girl. 

Phoenix police report that since May 2018, 43-year-old Saul Estrada Aguilar had been leaving 'sticky notes' on the car of a high school girl. 

Police say Aguilar placed 16 notes on the mirror of the girl’s car both at her high school and her place of employment. 

Even after the victim got a new car during summer break, Aguilar resumed his stalking behavior when the new school year started. 

Police say some of the notes said "You got the look" and called the girl "a beautiful hummingbird." 

When notes started showing up at her workplace, the victim began having co-workers walk her to her car. 

On October 25, the victim’s father parked his car outside his daughter's workplace and allegedly saw Aguilar place another note on the teenager's car. 

The girl's father then moved in to confront Aguilar. Though the suspect fled, the teen's father was able to locate Aguilar at a Food City store near 24th Street and McDowell Road. 

He held Aguilar until police arrived to make an arrest. 

Aguilar has been charged with stalking.