PD: Naked, bloody, tattooed man runs through home in Maricopa

Posted at 12:27 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 15:32:00-04

Police report that on September 17, a tattooed, naked and bloodied man ran through a neighborhood in the town of Maricopa.

Police say about 3 a.m., Al-Hakiem S. Towns allegedly entered a home through a back patio door and left through the front window breaking the screen. The homeowner provided video of the man who was naked with a large tattoo on his back. 

At another location, a 12-year-old girl reportedly told police that she saw a man peeking through the rear glass door of her home. She said he was shirtless and wearing green shorts.

Officers responding to the area found clothes and a cell phone in the backyard of another residence. The phone had a picture Towns on the screen when they powered up the phone. 

Police contacted six homeowners in the neighborhood who saw Towns. They all had blood trails in their backyards. Police caught up with Towns in the front yard of a home, naked and bleeding from his feet and legs.

Towns reportedly told the officers, "Every time I smoke spice this happens."

Police say he continued to touch himself while being transported in the ambulance.

He's being charged with multiple counts of voyeurism, criminal trespassing, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.