PD: Mesa assisted living facility worker caught stealing jewelry

Posted at 12:39 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 14:45:19-05

If you have a loved one at the Fellowship Square Assisted Living Facility in Mesa, you may want to have them check their jewelry boxes.

Mesa police report that on January 24 they were notified of a burglary at the Fellowship Square facility near Main Street and Power Road. A victim reported to police that her wedding ring was stolen from her apartment while she was at lunch.

Security at the facility did a "FOB audit" on the apartment door and saw that a FOB belonging to 23-year-old Arthur Michael Sesate was used during the time the victim was gone from the apartment. 

Police say that after hearing that the police had been called, Sesate reported his FOB stolen, but later reportedly admitted to the theft to police.

Sesate has worked there since November 2016 and started stealing in early December. He told police that he had taken 27 pieces of jewelry, selling them for over $5,000.

In this case, Sesate took the diamonds from the $28,000 ring and threw the ring itself in a dumpster. Police recovered both the ring and diamonds which were found in an envelope in Sesate's home.

Sesate has been charged with burglary.