PD: Men passing fake $100 bills busted in Tempe

PD: Men passing fake $100 bills busted in Tempe
Posted at 11:35 AM, Jul 25, 2018

Two men were arrested in Tempe after using fake $100 bills to make purchases. 

Tempe police report that on July 17 they arrested Andrew Michael Pritchert, 33, and Jonathan Gregory Bean, 40, near Broadway Road and McClintock Drive. 

Store employees called police when the two suspects tried to use forged $100 bills to buy items. 

When police approached their car in the parking lot, Pritchert ran. He was soon caught, and when police checked his wallet that fell from his pocket, they reportedly found seven fake $100 bills. 

Bean was unable to start the car and was also detained by police. He was found to have two forged $100 bills. 

In addition, police say they found a loaded hypodermic needle. The substance in the syringe was later tested and found to be heroin. 

In the vehicle, police found eight more loaded hypodermic needles, 50 empty needles, and nine more fake $100 bills. 

Bean and Pritchert have been charged with forgery.