PD: Man uses sexual assault to attack victim's ex-boyfriend in Scottsdale

PD: Man uses sexual assault to attack victim's ex-boyfriend in Scottsdale
Posted at 12:27 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 17:03:59-04

A man sexually assaulted a woman in an attempt to lure her ex-boyfriend to her home to attack him.

Scottsdale police report that in the early morning of August 20 they were contacted by a man who was concerned for his ex-girlfriend after having strange communications coming from her phone. 

Each time he returned her calls, 37-year-old Joseph Adam Foster, answered the phone. On one occasion he was able to speak with her. He told police that she, "had a hoarse voice and sounded lethargic and worn out."

Foster allegedly broke into the woman's home, near 75th Street and Thomas Road, and had a knife in hand when she returned home. He reportedly told her that he had hidden knives throughout the home and was going to lure her ex-boyfriend there to “hurt him."

Foster gagged the victim with a scarf and threatened her saying, "have sex or die." before sexually assaulting her while taking video of the attack. He planned to send the ex-boyfriend the video getting him to come over to the home. He reportedly told the victim that, "She was a pawn to him in order to hurt (the ex-boyfriend)."

After realizing, the ex-boyfriend was not going to come to the house, he told the victim she was going to have to kill him. She refused his request and Foster left.

Foster was tracked down late that night in Tempe and as police were about to make a traffic stop, Foster accelerated and rammed two police cars.

Upon his arrest, Foster claimed he had amnesia and can't remember anything that happened over the past few days.

He is being held without bond on sexual assault charges.