PD: Man on motorcycle robs McDonald's drive-thru in Mesa

Posted at 2:52 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 01:25:51-04

A man on a motorcycle is accused of robbing a Mesa drive-thru, then riding the wrong way through traffic to escape from police.

Mesa police report that on April 5, 43-year-old Kevin Dean Hendrickson approached a McDonald’s drive-thru window near Power Road and Southern Avenue.

Witnesses allegedly recorded Hendrickson pointing a handgun at two employees, demanding money.  

A Mesa police officer located Hendrickson near Higley Road and Main Street, where he reportedly was seen riding westbound in the eastbound lanes of traffic. 

Hendrickson abandoned his motorcycle near 52nd Street and Greenway Road, where he was found by a nearby homeowner, hiding in his closet. 

"I had already laid my pants here and I was reaching over to grab my pajamas, and I'm standing here naked, and all of a sudden he's standing there," said Britt Rowland. 

Rowland says he was naked and vulnerable as the stranger stood up. 

"I was having about four heart attacks and he just threw his hands up and says, 'I'm out of here. I'm leaving,'" said Rowland. 

Hendrickson reportedly got in through the backyard, as police were scouring the area. 

The suspect managed to hide for more than six hours, as Rowland was inside the home. 

And in those hours, Hendrickson even put on one of Rowland's shirts. 

"It was a blue checkered shirt,'" said Rowland. "Blue and white checkered shirt. It was one of my favorite shirts, as a matter of fact."

Wearing Rowland's shirt, Hendrickson bolted from the home and more neighbors called 911.

He was eventually found hiding in a garbage can in a neighbor's backyard before a police dog took him down. 

"Definitely better not come back to this house, because he'll probably never leave it walking," said Rowland.

Hendrickson was arrested and charged with armed robbery.