PD: Man caught making and selling money from Scottsdale Hotel

Posted at 11:04 AM, Sep 07, 2017

A man arrested in June for making counterfeit money has been caught again making and selling money.

Scottsdale police report that on August 24, undercover officers contacted 34-year-old Scotty Mac Ferguson, a man who was arrested in June for making counterfeit money.

The undercover officer made a deal with Ferguson to pay him $300 for $1,000 in counterfeit money. On August 28, they met in the parking lot of a hotel in Phoenix near 27th and Dunlap avenues. During the meeting, Ferguson instructed the officer on how to pass the fake bills without being detected, police say.

He was arrested without incident.

When police searched his hotel room, they allegedly found printers and chemicals used for making fake money and ”numerous counterfeit $100 bills in various stages of production." The fake money reportedly had the same serial numbers as the fake money that was found with Ferguson during his June arrest. 

Police say they also found various types of illegal drugs in the room.

He is being held without bond on forgery charges.