PHX PD: Man arrested in hours-long arson attack

Posted at 1:12 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 20:39:02-04

A Phoenix man was arrested last week after setting multiple fires to his home over a six-hour period, court records show.

Police report that in the early morning hours on June 2, 33-year-old Brian Chee used rocks and sticks to break out the windows of the home, near 21st Avenue and Osborn. The rocks and sticks left baseball-sized holes in the drywall, causing about $5,000 in damages.

Police say that Chee also set paper on fire in various rooms inside the house, as his boyfriend followed him around the home carrying water and putting out the flames.

Chee left the house but warned that "he was going to finish what he started." The victim reported that Chee did return a couple of hours later and began his fire-setting spree all over again. This time, he reportedly pushed the victim out of the house, preventing him from putting out the fires. A neighbor, hearing the commotion, entered the house and put out the blaze.

Police say they found Chee in a bedroom with a butane lighter next to him.

Chee has been charged with endangerment, criminal damage, and arson of an occupied structure.