PD: Maintenance workers find infant alone in roach infested Phoenix apartment

Posted at 1:45 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 18:44:53-04

A north Phoenix man is facing child abuse charges after his young son was found in a roach-infested apartment covered in feces, according to police. 

Phoenix police report that on June 21 maintenance workers at an apartment complex near 7th Street and Bell Road contacted them after finding a 2-year-old boy alone in the apartment. 

The workers reportedly told police that they entered the apartment to fix a water leak when they found the boy in a back room covered in his own feces. 

In court documents, the police write, “the entire apartment was covered in roaches, trash, dirty diapers, spoiled food, dirty clothes, and drug paraphernalia."

Police also say the air conditioner was turned off despite being operational. 

When the father, 25-year-old Jesus Andres Garcia, returned he reportedly told police that he left to get money, food and diapers. He said it was too hot outside to bring the child with him. 

Doctors reported to police that the child suffered from malnutrition and weighed only 19 pounds. He was also unable to walk or talk. 

Garcia has been charged with child abuse in connection with the incident.