PD: Infant seizure leads to child abuse arrest in Glendale

PD: Infant seizure leads to child abuse arrest in Glendale
Posted at 12:38 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 15:38:15-04

A Glendale man was arrested for child abuse after an infant was taken to the hospital for seizures.

Glendale police report that, on Tuesday, they arrested 32-year-old David Michael Allen Senior after a four-month child abuse investigation.

Police say that on June 10 a 22-month-old child was taken to the hospital for a seizure. Doctors reported to police that the child had no history of seizures and an MRI revealed two areas of bleeding around the brain that were in different stages of healing.

Doctors reportedly told police that in two separate incidents they believe that, "his head was struck with significant force."

The Department of Child Safety told police that the child's mother has no history with them. However, the mother’s boyfriend, David Allen, was investigated by them in 2014. At that time Allen allegedly, "slammed a child's face into a car before throwing him into the vehicle." Police investigated the incident, but no charges were filed.

As Glendale police continued their recent investigation, another child in the home reported to them that they were hiding outside the child's room when they allegedly saw Allen punch the infant in the head.

Allen continues to deny ever hurting the child, saying he is never alone with him. He suggested the child's mother may be to blame, or another child, who he says, struck him on the head with a small hand tool.

He also reportedly suggested the victim may have accidentally hit his head on the threshold of the doorway while Allen was holding him.

Allen was arrested for child abuse.