PD: Home care worker helps man steal Porsche from elderly Scottsdale man

Posted: 1:08 PM, Sep 26, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-26 21:49:30Z

A home care worker in Scottsdale is accused of helping in the theft of a senior man's Porsche.

Scottsdale police report that on September 18 they arrested 44-year-old William Gregory Good for his part in trafficking stolen property, as he was driving a stolen Porsche 911.

Police say a home care worker was assisting the victim, who has some paralysis due to a broken hip and some mental health issues.

This worker introduced the victim to William Thomas Long, 35, who convinced the victim that he was his nephew. The victim reportedly would refer to Long as his brother's son. Police say the victim has only a sister.

Long allegedly gained access to the car's title and forged the victim’s signature and a notary seal and transferred the title to himself.

He then allegedly sold the car for $16,000 to William Good, an acquaintance of his. Police say the car is worth more than double that amount.

Upon his arrest, Good reportedly told police, "Is this about the car? I didn't know it was stolen."

Police say both Good and Long has multiple felony convictions.

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