PD: Goodyear resident tracks suspect, finds storage locker full of stolen goods

Posted at 1:06 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 15:06:47-05

In tracking down his stolen goods, a Goodyear resident was able to locate a storage locker full of stolen items from thefts as far back as January.

Court records show that On October 9, a man entered the garage of a home near 148th Avenue and Thomas Road and stole some items from the garage. The victim tracked down the suspect and eventually located a storage locker full of stolen items including medical supplies and a tankless water heater.

Police report that 37-year-old Nicholas Michael Edwards took a garage door opener from a car in the driveway and burglarized the garage. The victim notified police that he saw some of his items for sale on the website "offer up."

The victim enlisted the help of a friend who contacted the seller and arranged to meet him at a storage locker near Litchfield and Lower Buckeye Roads. There, the victim located many of the items stolen from his garage. They didn't buy anything at the time but contacted police and told them what they had found.

Police conducted a search warrant on the locker and found items reported stolen in various thefts around the West Valley cities of Goodyear, Glendale, Litchfield Park. Inside they found golf club bags, hundreds of tools, medical supplies, a tankless water heater and box of receipts from various pawn shops.

Police are in the process of matching the found items with robbery reports. Police say some of the items were reported stolen as far back as January of this year. They also believed Edwards used credit cards stolen from one home about 14 times this past July. 

Edwards turned himself in on December 1 and has been charged with burglary, theft, and trafficking in stolen property.   

Police say Edwards was on release for similar burglaries in Avondale earlier this year.