PD: Good Samaritan becomes victim of armed carjacker in Glendale

Posted: 1:16 PM, Oct 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-31 21:45:54Z

A man trying to do a good deed became the victim of an armed carjacking attempt.

Glendale police report that on Saturday, a man saw a distraught woman on the side of the road near 79th and Glendale Avenues and offered her a ride. He was taking the woman to the location she requested when a car, reportedly driven by 21-year-old Joseph Wegner, struck his vehicle.

The man reportedly told police that Wegner was waving a handgun at the time. The victim attempted to flee the area and stopped at a nearby convenience store, where he ran in and asked for someone to call the police.

Wegner allegedly pulled up behind his car, and the woman got into it. The victim tried to leave, but Wegner fought with him, dragging him back to his car where he retrieved his gun.

Glendale police arrived as the victim was able to break free. He shouted to the officers, "He's got a gun!" Wegner drove away, and police followed him to a nearby home where he surrendered, after a short standoff.

Police say they found the handgun and the victim’s car keys in the home.

Wegner was arrested for aggravated assault and theft.


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