PD: Duct taped suspect held for Glendale police after attacking Surprise officer

Posted at 2:23 PM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 17:56:18-04

Authorities say a construction worker helped an off-duty Surprise reserve officer who was being attacked by a man. 

Glendale police report that on August 7 officers responded to the area of 75th Avenue and Bell Road. 

There they found 29-year-old Dieter Bradford Klofkorn bound in duct tape. 

Witnesses reportedly told police that Klofkorn appeared homeless and dehydrated, so workers offered him a chair to rest in and water to drink. 

An off-duty Surprise reserve officer was also there and went behind a wall where the suspect was sitting to take a phone call. 

Klofkorn then allegedly pushed the officer with one hand, while reaching for the officer's gun with the other. 

The officer later told police that Klofkorn nearly removed his weapon before he was able to retain control of the firearm. 

The officer turned and struck him, and a construction worker assisted him by grabbing Klofkorn. 

He was detained with duct tape until Glendale police arrived. 

Klofkorn has been charged with aggravated assault.