PD: Chandler woman sexually assaulted by elderly roommate

Posted at 11:55 AM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 15:43:33-04

A Chandler woman woke up to find her 68-year-old roommate sexually assaulting her. 

Chandler police report that on April 19, a woman contacted them saying she had been sexually assaulted by her roommate, 68-year-old Theodore Dissinger. 

The woman reportedly told police that she met "an old gentleman named Theodore Dissinger," about a year ago. 

They became friends, and he offered to let her stay at his apartment if she ever needed housing. 

She later agreed to rent, sleeping on the couch in his apartment for $100 a week. 

Though Dissinger made passes at the woman, she allegedly told him, "this would never happen as he was old and she was not attracted to him." 

The victim reported to police that on the night of April 18, she fell asleep after drinking vodka, and later awoke to Dissinger allegedly sexually touching her. 

She was "in shock" and pretended to sleep until he was done. The victim reportedly told police that when Dissinger was done, he said that he wished the victim would "let him do this while she was awake." 

The woman slept in the closet until morning, then left the home and contacted police. 

After being confronted by police, Dissinger reportedly admitted to his actions. 

He was arrested on April 20 and is being held without bond for sexual assault