Chandler woman accused of sexual conduct with underage teen

Chandler woman accused of sexual conduct with underage teen
Posted at 11:22 AM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 23:41:47-04

A Chandler woman is accused of having a sexual relationship with the underage teen of a family friend.

Chandler Police report that on October 27 they arrested 33-year-old Serena Ann Marin for sexual contact with a minor.

Police say the victim’s mother became concerned when she noticed Marin becoming flirtatious with her son. When she checked her son's cell phone, she reportedly saw "suspicious text messages" about the two.

The victim was interviewed by police and reportedly told them that over the past year or so, Marin was becoming more playful with him. She also started sending him sexually explicit messages and photos and requesting he do the same.

Police say, in late September the victim’s family went to Marin's home, near Rural Road and Chandler Boulevard, for a swim party. It was in her home, where Marin sexually touched the victim several times.

In a phone call with the victim’s mother, Marin reportedly admitted to her actions saying, "she felt bad about what happened." Marin has been charged with multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor.