PD: Chandler wife helps husband's girlfriend escape kidnapping

Posted at 11:02 AM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 16:02:43-04

Authorities say a Chandler woman helped her husband's girlfriend escape after she was kidnapped and beaten. 

Chandler police say on May 17, they arrested 30-year-old Derrick Robert Buford for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend.

Police say they were contacted five days earlier by Buford's wife saying he assaulted and kidnapped his girlfriend at gunpoint. 

The victim was picked up by her boyfriend, and while the pair was in the car, she explained that she wanted to go home, court paperwork said. Instead, Buford allegedly drove her around the East Valley for two hours while punching and choking her.

Buford also allegedly pointed a gun at his girlfriend's head, saying, "Do you want to die...Lucky I haven't killed you already." 

He then took her to his home, where his wife reportedly saw the victim injured and bleeding, court documents said. Buford allegedly told his wife that the victim couldn't leave until she healed. 

At some point, Buford fell asleep and his wife got her children and the girlfriend out of the house and called the police. 

Buford, who was released from prison in November for armed robbery, has been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.