PD: Car plows through Galleria barricades, goes airborne and nearly hits pedestrians

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-16 17:00:22-05

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — A man has been arrested after crashing into a shopping district in Scottsdale on Sunday morning.

The allegedly impaired driver reportedly drove through Scottsdale Galleria, plowing through barricades, nearly hitting police and pedestrians, and eventually going airborne after smashing into a bike rack.

Scottsdale police report that on January 12 at around 2 a.m., security at the Galleria near Scottsdale and Camelback roads called saying a man was staggering to his car and trying to leave the scene.

Officers contacted the driver, later identified as 27-year-old Andreas Deshawn Braggs, who reportedly admitted to drinking two alcoholic beverages. As the officers were conversing, Braggs allegedly put the car in gear and took off, nearly hitting the two officers.

Police say the entertainment district had multiple roads closed at the time due to high pedestrian traffic as the bars had just closed. Braggs reportedly drove onto curbs, sidewalks, and burst through numerous traffic barricades, nearly striking several pedestrians in the area.

Officers screamed for people to get out of the vehicle's way as the car traveled approximately 45-miles-per-hour through the Galleria.

At one point, police say Braggs struck a bicycle rack sending his car airborne.

After driving erratically through the Galleria, Braggs was reportedly found in an alley trying to run away. He surrendered to officers after they drew their tasers, police say.

Braggs has been charged with multiple counts of endangerment and unlawful flight.