PD: Buckeye stalker arrested with binoculars and handgun

Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 22, 2018

A Buckeye man was arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend while in possession of a handgun and binoculars. 

Buckeye Police report that on February 14, they arrested a man who had reportedly been stalking his ex-girlfriend for several weeks. 

Police say 35-year-old Pedro Aguilar Ruiz had been stalking the victim by showing up at her workplace and home, even renting a room near her home so that he could spy on her. 

When police arrested Ruiz, he was reportedly in possession of a handgun and binoculars. Ruiz allegedly told police that he used the binoculars to spy on the woman. 

According to police, at one point he even backed up into her car. 

He's been charged with stalking and criminal damage.