PD: Avondale mother charged with chaining preteen daughter to pillar

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jul 17, 2017

An Avondale mother has been charged with assaulting and chaining her preteen daughter to an outdoor pillar with a dog chain.

Avondale resident Lablonda Renee McClinon, age 40, has been summoned to appear in court next month on several charges of aggravated assault against her preteen daughter. 

Avondale police report that on April 13, 2016, they were contacted by the victim’s school regarding injuries on the child's neck.

Police say the victim had several scratches and welts on each side of her neck. The victim reportedly told police that she was outside feeding ducks at the lake, near their home in the area of 107th Avenue and McDowell Road. When she returned home, her mother told her she wasn't supposed to be out there and then she allegedly grabbed her by the neck, digging her fingernails into her skin. She also pushed her head into a wall and punched her. 

The victim was then allegedly told to take off her clothes where she was then reportedly taken outside and chained to a pillar with a dog chain. McClinon allegedly told her, "If this is how you're going to act, this is how it will be."

After about an hour she was released and then allegedly beaten again with a belt. When police interviewed McClinon, she reportedly admitted her actions, saying " Yeah, I whooped her." 

Avondale police report that they found a video on another family member’s phone. It allegedly shows the victim, in her bra and underwear, chained to an outdoor pillar with a dog chain.  

McClinon has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and has been summoned to court on August 11.