PD: Woman causes $1,000 damage to Mesa church

Kat Durnil.jpg
Posted at 3:46 PM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 18:48:52-04

MESA, AZ — A woman is accused of causing $1,000 damage to the Mesa Central Christian Church after accusing the church of covering up sexual abuse allegations.

Mesa police report that just after midnight on June 9, Kat Durnil, 40, and her husband went to the main courtyard of the church near Lindsay and Brown roads and sprayed a substance on six poles in the courtyard and placed red flyers on the poles.

The flyers demanded that the "church apologize for covering up sexual abuse allegations."

Police say the church had to hire a company to remove the adhesive and repaint the poles. The cost to repair the poles was over $1,000, according to court records.

Surveillance video from the church reportedly shows Durnil taking selfies after the flyers were glued to the poles.

The flyers referenced the "Apologize movement" a group that is upset with several churches. Investigators found Durnil on one of the group's sites and matched her and her vehicle to the surveillance video.

When questioned, Durnil allegedly admitted to posting the flyers and said her husband assisted her.

According to court records, Durnil is upset that "Central Christian Church will not apologize for the sexual assault allegations against another church leader."

Durnil has been charged with aggravated criminal damage.