PD: 3 brothers steal $40K worth of phones from N. Phoenix cell phone store

PD: 3 brothers steal $40K worth of phones from N. Phoenix cell phone store
Posted at 12:08 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 15:08:10-04

Three brothers are accused of robbing a north Phoenix cell phone store Monday, and stealing $40,000 worth of merchandise.

Phoenix police say two men exited a car that parked at the cellular store near 36th Street and Bell Road, while the driver stayed inside.

The two men, both armed with handguns, demanded the store's cellular phones. They reportedly forced the two employees into the back office, opened duffel bags and demanded they put the phones inside. The suspects removed about $40,000 worth of phones, before forcing the employees into a restroom, as they left.

The employees informed police that one of the stolen phones was equipped with a tracking device. Police used this to track the suspects to an apartment complex near 25th Avenue and Union Hills Road.

There, police allegedly observed three brothers, 33-year-old Bouvia Claybon, and 30-year-old twins Shane and Shawn Claybon, exit the apartment building and place multiple duffel bags in two vehicles.

Police followed the vehicle to a location near 47th Street and Ray Road, where they arrested the brothers.

Police say Bouvia, who has "numerous armed robbery charges" against him, said he didn't know why he was arrested, and requested an attorney, as did Shane.

Shawn allegedly admitted to committing the armed robberies with his brothers.

They are expected to be charged with kidnapping and armed robbery.