Parents detain suspect who allegedly made threats toward school bus full of children in Kingman

School bus
Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 16, 2019

KINGMAN, AZ — A group of parents reportedly detained a man who they say made threats toward a school bus full of children in Kingman and followed it for 40 miles on Thursday.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) says they received a call for a possible road rage incident on Thursday around 4 p.m.

DPS says the man, 26-year-old Clayton Troxell, was reportedly upset because a school bus cut him off in traffic. Troxell then allegedly tried to get the bus driver’s attention to get the driver to pull over. Troxell reportedly wanted to tell the bus driver what they did wrong.

The bus driver told DPS they were alarmed by Troxell’s actions and made several attempts to get away from him.

"He was threatening the whole bus," said high school senior Shyana Robertson, who was on the bus. "We were all scared by this point. We were all screaming."

Robertson told ABC15 the man continued to scare her and her classmates.

"He came beside the bus and he was pointing at us with something, giving gun signals and telling the bus driver to pull over," she said.

The driver says kids on the bus even called their parents because they were alarmed by what was going on.

"My daughter frantically was screaming and you could hear students in the back crying as well," said parent Ashley Conlon.

Conlon told ABC15 the school bus did not stop at the bus stop in Dolan Springs, in an apparent effort to get away from the truck that was following. Conlon told ABC15 she and other parents got in their vehicles and tried to track down the driver of the truck.

Robertson's dad, Sean, also tried to get the driver of the truck to pull over.

"Came up beside the suspect, rolled down my window, yelled for him to pull over," Sean Robertson said. "He told"

That father, who claims he is former law enforcement, told ABC15 he then used his vehicle to force the man off the road. Other parents weren't far behind.

"I drew my weapon, I ordered him to drop what he had in his hands, thank God it wasn't a weapon," he said. "He put his hands up. I proceeded to tell him he was being detained until law enforcement arrived."

Parents tell ABC15 Troxell followed the bus for over 40 miles from Kingman to the Dolan Springs area.

DPS says they made contact with the bus within 20 minutes of the "attempt to locate" being put out to troopers.

Troxell was cited by DPS for disorderly conduct and was also cited by the Mohave County Sheriff's Office for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Kingman Unified School District says they are aware of the incident and are investigating.