Old charge dismissed, new charge filed in Taylorlyn Nelson murder case

New charges in Taylorlyn Nelson murder case
Posted at 10:45 AM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 14:37:33-04

An old charge has been dismissed and a new charge filed in connection to the kidnap and murder of Taylorlyn Nelson.

According to court paperwork obtained by ABC15, the hindering of the prosecution case against Maxx Bowe, 26, was dismissed on May 16 of this year and he was released from custody.

However, Bowe was re-arrested Thursday morning on murder and kidnapping charges in the same case. 

After Bowe’s release, investigators were contacted by a witness who reported: “specific conversations with Maxx Bowe” regarding the murder.

This witness allegedly told investigators that Bowe held Nelson’s shoulders while Nelson’s boyfriend, Kodi Bowe shot her in the head. 

The witness also said that Bowe confided in them. He told them he placed Nelson's body in a green sleeping bag and sewed it shut with rocks, before dumping the body in Lake Pleasant.

Maxx Bowe is being held on a $375,000 bond.

After his first arrest, Maxx Bowe reportedly admitted to getting rid of the gun and did not think he would be convicted of murder because Nelson’s body was not recovered. 

On July 20, divers from the Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue were conducting a search at Lake Pleasant when they recovered the body of a female.The remains were found in the area where Nelson’s body was believed to be. Authorities are still waiting for DNA confirmation on the body.

In March, Nelson was reported missing by her family after they said they were concerned because she had not called anyone after arguing with her boyfriend.