Six people injured, one killed in Phoenix shooting near 24th Street and University Drive

Six people injured, one killed in Phoenix shooting near 24th Street and University Drive
Posted at 5:26 AM, Jan 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-17 21:35:32-05

PHOENIX — Police say a man has died and six others were injured in a shooting near 24th Street and University Drive early Sunday morning.

At about 5:00 a.m., Phoenix police responded to an incident at an "after hours" nightclub and located a shooting scene.

Officials said multiple 911 callers reported injuries and people screaming.

Phoenix PD give update on fatal shooting near 24th St and University

Two victims were transported to a hospital in critical condition and four others were transported in unknown conditions.

Police say 24-year-old Ahmad Thornton was pronounced dead at the scene. No names have been provided.

The owner of the building, Tommy Johnson, told ABC15 he operates a non-profit that introduces kids to music production during the day. During off hours, Johnson said he rents the space for private events and on Saturday night there were two separate birthday parties scheduled.

According to Johnson, who was inside the building when the shooting occurred, things got “out of control” as more and more people started showing up.

He said the shooting happened after “somebody started talking to someone else’s girl.”

Seven security guards were working at the time and he said one of them fired their weapon during the exchange and three of the guards were among those shot.

Phoenix police says there were multiple shooters and they have not yet been arrested or identified.

Authorities said they will also be looking into concerns over COVID-19 violations.

Anybody with information urged to contact the Phoenix Police Department.