Mesa police: Woman awakens to sexual abuse on light rail

Mesa police: Woman awakens to sexual abuse on light rail
Posted at 2:08 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 08:23:35-04

A woman, taking a nap on the light rail, woke up to a man sexually abusing her. 

Mesa police report that on April 22, a woman was sleeping in the back of the light rail and woke up when a man was moving on top of her back while exposing himself.

Police say they reviewed surveillance video which reportedly shows 41-year-old Michael Earl Chaney moving from seat to seat before placing himself directly in front of the sleeping victim.

He then allegedly exposes himself, and puts himself over the back of the woman and begins thrusting. The woman felt him between her legs, woke up, kicked him and ran away. 

Police located Chaney on May 1, and when they confronted him with the video, he first admitted to being the man moving from seat to seat, but denied he was the one exposing himself, saying, "it was his twin."

He was arrested for sexual abuse and indecent exposure.  

Valley Metro released the following response: "Valley Metro Rail is a safe, reliable system. We share the concerns of the communities that we serve and we are making concerted efforts to partner with law enforcement and social service agencies to maintain safety in and around the system.  We would also urge our riders to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times."