Mesa company uses GPS to bust workers stealing thousands of dollars worth of insulation

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 18:04:53-04

A Mesa company used a GPS to bust two workers stealing thousands of dollars in insulation from them.

Court records show that the two workers stole insulation worth over $15,000 and may be responsible for more thefts.

Police report that on June 16, Derek Vincent Vidales and his unnamed accomplice, were working for USI insulation in Mesa. On June 16, Vidales called in to work needing a ride. The accomplice received permission to use a company truck to get Vidales. The truck departed the company with 79 bags of insulation, each bag cost the company about $100. The two returned to the company with only 8 bags.

Police say the company used GPS tracking to trace the truck's location and noticed it made short stop at a location near 58th Drive and Indian School Road in Phoenix. Police obtained a warrant and found the 71 bags at that location. The company says the retail value of the insulation is $15,000.

After his arrest, Vidales reportedly told police they sold the insulation for $1,280 and split the money.

The company researched the GPS history of the truck and found that Vidales and his accomplice stopped at that location four times in the last three months.

Further investigation found other locations where stolen insulation was stored, the two were together at these locations, 21 times.

Vidales is being charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property.