MCSO detention officer charged in inmate assault

Posted at 3:05 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 21:38:15-04

A Maricopa Court detention officer has been charged with assault, for allegedly striking a shackled and handcuffed inmate.

Court records show that a MCSO detention officer reported that another officer, "struck, pushed, kneed and pulled the hair of an inmate," while he was shackled.

MCSO says that on March 8 a detention officer, 51-year-old Billy Raley, assaulted an inmate while in the court services section of the South Court Tower near Central and Madison streets.

The Sheriff's office maintains that Raley used "excessive force" while in the court services building. In recorded video Raley is allegedly observed escorting the shackled inmate to a cell. Raley "forcefully" pushes the inmate into the cell. The inmate turns aggressively, but then sits on the bench putting his hands on his lap. 

MCSO reports that another detention officer gets in between the two but Raley punches the inmate, in the face with his palm heal. He also is seen grabbing the inmate by the hair and pulling the inmate toward him and shakes him. 

The video reportedly shows the inmate voluntarily placing his hands behind his back and is handcuffed by the other detention officer and then taken to another cell.

In the cell as the inmate is shackled and handcuffed Raley reportedly forces the inmate to his knees and knees him in the back several times.

The inmate allegedly told MCSO that the other officer told Raley to stop after he punched him. 

In an interview with investigators the other detention officer states that Raley, "struck, pushed, kneed and pulled the inmate's hair." She also said that she told Raley, several times, that she had the situation under control.

Raley has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.