El Mirage woman texts ex-husband for help during domestic assault

Posted at 3:03 PM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-26 17:44:29-05

Police say a woman was able to text her ex-husband for help while being sexually assaulted by her roommate in a Phoenix home.

El Mirage Police responded to a home on Jan. 21 after a man reportedly received a text message from his ex-wife asking for help. 

Police responded to the woman's home near El Mirage and Cactus roads and found the woman crying and shaking.

The woman told police that she was packing her belongings to move out of the home when her roommate, 38-year-old Alfonso Mejia, assaulted and raped her.

The victim explained to police that the sexual assault occurred earlier that same day. 

According to police reports, the pair was previously sexually involved but have since "drifted apart," and he began talking to another woman. The victim said she also befriended the woman who eventually decided she was no longer interested in Meija after "learning what his true personality is like."

While the victim was packing, the suspect went into her bedroom and gave her a hug. He confided that he was upset the other woman was no longer interested in him and sexually assaulted the victim.

The woman told officers she told Meija to stop several times, but he allegedly continued, court documents said. 

After the incident, the woman left the home to move her belongings into her new home. When she returned later to get the remaining items she was allegedly grabbed by Mejia, pinned to a bed and choked. 

Mejia reportedly grabbed the woman's throat with one hand while checking her text messages with the other. Police say he became more enraged when he found text messages between the victim and Mejia's ex-girlfriend. 

The woman told officers that Meija allegedly said she would be lucky to leave alive if she even left at all, court documents said.

While still sitting on top of the victim, she received a text from her mother. Mejia allowed the victim to respond to the message. Police say the victim also texted her ex-husband asking him to call the police but also requested that he not respond to her original text message.

Mejia was allegedly still choking the victim when police arrived. 

The victim told officers that Meija had allegedly strangled her during previous incidents and she had lost consciousness. She told officers she never reported the previous assaults because she was scared of him.

While the suspect was being interviewed by police he allegedly admitted that he was upset after finding out the victim had sent his ex-girlfriend a text message about the pair having "consensual sex," the court paperwork said. 

He's been charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, and aggravated assault.