More wrangling over officer's body camera video

Posted at 3:10 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 18:22:11-04

A Mesa officer's attorneys filed their response to Daniel Shaver's family's attempt to get body camera video released.

The body camera video that presumably shows the shooting of an unarmed man by a former Mesa police officer at a hotel is currently under a protective order by Judge Sam J. Myers not to be released to the public, prior to the trial.

Media outlets including ABC15 and the family of Daniel Shaver have petitioned the court to overturn the order. In court paperwork filed on April 26, the attorney for Philip Brailsford responded to the petition.

In the four page response, they say that Shaver's wife "secretly recorded a meeting with the County Attorney and then selectively edited that recording and published it on her website and/or FACEBOOK page."

They also says that, "Ms. Sweet does not desire the production of the Axon videos to exercise her victim rights; she desires it for her website and her FACEBOOK page and her desire to raise money."

Brailsford's attorneys contend that the release of the video could taint the jury pool if the case proceeded to trial.

The attorney for Sweet maintains that, "She wants the body cam (footage) released just so everyone can see how ridiculous and outrageous this is."