Buckeye burglar robs two restaurants only to steal 'Monsters' and root beer, Joshua Salcido arrested

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 00:55:33-04

A Buckeye man has been arrested after stealing drinks from local restaurant just yards from his home.

Court records show that on July 7 around midnight, someone broke into two restaurants--only to steal bottles of root beer and cans of Monster energy drinks.

Buckeye police say that 19-year-old Joshua Daniel Salcido was seen by an officer walking away from the Pizza Hut restaurant on MC 85. The Pizza Hut had just had its window broken out with a rock and four two-liter bottles of Mug Root Beer were stolen from the business.

Surveillance video showed a man, wearing the same clothing as Salcido, breaking the glass door with a large rock. As police checked the area, they also found that a Ramiro's restaurant also had it's window broken out with a rock and several Monster energy drinks were taken.

After getting a warrant, police entered Salcido's home--which is about 100 yards from the businesses. Inside they reportedly found clothing belonging to Salcido that matched what they saw in the video. They also recovered the four bottles of root beer and the energy drinks.

Salcido has been charged with burglary and criminal damage.