Former ADOT employee charged with tampering with MVD records of DOC inmates

Posted at 12:19 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 18:31:44-04

PHOENIX — A former ADOT employee has been charged with tampering with the MVD files of 16 prison inmates.

This week, 62-year-old Krag Tedhams, a former Arizona Department of Transportation employee, was charged with computer tampering.

According to court records, an Arizona Department of Transportation Inspector General investigation shows that Tedhams accessed the Motor Vehicle files of 16 Arizona Department of Corrections inmates.

Information regarding the inmates was allegedly provided to Tedhams by a family member who is also a DOC inmate. Investigators say the information gathered by Tedhams' research was relayed back to the incarcerated family member.

In one instance, Tedhams reportedly altered the MVD file of one of the inmates, removing the driver's license suspension code from his record.

When notified of a possible issue, officials placed Tedhams on administrative leave and he was later terminated after an investigation involving the DOC, according to ADOT.

Tedhams is scheduled to make his first court appearance on August 15.

Below is a statement from ADOT:

After being notified of a possible security issue by the Arizona Department of Corrections, ADOT put the employee on administrative leave and canceled his computer access. The employee was terminated March 7 following a joint investigation by ADOT's Office of Inspector General and the Department of Corrections.

ADOT is committed to safeguarding the integrity of driver records and the personal information contained in them, including a case such as this when the alleged tampering was committed by an agency employee. ADOT detectives are on the lookout for wrongdoing of any kind, will investigate when it is suspected and will refer cases for criminal prosecution when warranted. The actions described in the charging documents obviously are wholly inconsistent with ADOT's business practices and the agency's core values of accountability, integrity and respect.