Former correctional officer accused of sexual conduct with former juvenile parolee

Posted at 2:52 PM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 19:07:15-05

PHOENIX — A former correctional officer is accused of having several sexual encounters with a parolee who'd been living at a group home in Phoenix, according to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.

According to court records, Imarie Waller, 25, has been charged with "unlawful sexual conduct with a person in custody."

Earlier this month, the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections was alerted to the incidents by another correctional officer at the Adobe Mountain Correctional facility near 27th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road, who took photos of "sexually inappropriate" Snapchat messages on Waller's phone.

In a search of Waller's phone, investigators allegedly found sexually explicit photos and videos of a parolee, who was still considered a "youth committed to the Arizona Department of [Juvenile] Corrections" while living at a group home. Investigators also spoke with the parolee, who was serving time at a group home at the time of questioning. The parolee reportedly told investigators that he had sex with Waller at the house.

The parolee's phone was also searched and was found to have sexually explicit photos and videos of Waller.

When questioned, Waller allegedly admitted to the encounters but would not give specifics. Court records show that during a "restroom break" in the questioning, Waller reportedly contacted a friend on her Apple Watch, telling her to call the parolee and ask him to "deny and delete everything."

Investigators say Waller told them that "everything between them happened in the community and not while either was at Adobe."