VIDEO: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey holds coronavirus briefing Thursday

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
Posted at 8:06 AM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 16:45:17-04

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey held a press conference Thursday to discuss the state's latest efforts to fight the novel coronavirus.

Watch video of the press conference in the player below.

Ducey was asked about business owners who feel like the state is arbitrarily choosing who can open and who can't. He said that even in the same industries, restaurants, bars and gyms often look very different than one another on the inside of the establishments so it is a case by case basis.

Ducey also addressed the upcoming flu season and the importance of getting a flu shot to help limit hospitalizations as the state still deals with coronavirus.

While Arizona's number of COVID-19 cases continues to trend in the right direction, Ducey finished by saying that people should still remain vigilant in following CDC guidelines including wearing masks, washing your hands and practicing social distancing.