Valley family loses both parents to COVID-19 on the same day

Posted at 10:13 PM, Nov 13, 2021

A Valley woman recently lost her mom and dad to the coronavirus.

"The doctors told me it's gotten really bad," said Vanessa Esparza.

According to Esparza, her mom, Veronica, and dad, Victor, had been married for more than 28 years when the couple was diagnosed with COVID.

She said they started showing symptoms like coughing and losing their taste. Eventually, they were hospitalized and passed away within six hours of each other.

Esparza said her dad didn't know how to live without her mom.

"They were the true definition of love and loyalty," she said.

Esparza told ABC15 her family wasn't vaccinated but she and her brother got the shot after seeing their parents get sick.

She said the family took COVID seriously but hadn't decided if they were going to get the vaccine until it was too late.

"I mean we believed in it. We always believed in it," she said.

"Especially my dad. We always took precautions -- wore masks everywhere -- but we never took action into getting vaccinated," Esparza added.

Esparza said she regretted not getting the shot sooner.

"We were so indecisive. We kept on pushing it...we'll go tomorrow, we'll go next week," she said.

In Arizona, about 60% of eligible people are vaccinated.

Meantime, the state is seeing a surge in cases and hospitalizations.

There have also been more than 100 new deaths in the past two days.

Esparza is urging people thinking about getting vaccinated to consider getting the shot.

"I wouldn't want anyone to be in the position I'm in," she said.

"You don't do anything about it until you're in that position. It shouldn't have to get to that point," she added.

The family is currently accepting donations to help pay for the funerals for Victor and Veronica. For more information, click here.