Valley caregiver with COVID-19 in need of care

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 06:58:45-05

A 29-year-old woman was released from St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix Thursday evening, after occupying a bed there for eight days. The family believes she was only released to free up a hospital bed.

She still needs a nurse for monitoring and a physical therapist to re-teach her how to walk.

"I'm praying for this world and I’m praying for everyone's safety,” says Bernadette Bojorquez, COVID-19 patient.

Even in a hospital bed, Bernadette Bojorquez is still caring for others. It’s something that comes naturally since she is a sister, a single mother of three and an in-home caregiver. Now she is the one needing care.

"This virus is very vicious and I do not wish this upon anybody or their family,” says Bojorquez.

Bojorquez was admitted to the hospital On Christmas day with chest pain and trouble breathing. She was released days later but then admitted again, this time she was much worse. Her sister Mercy Cano spoke with nurses who told her Bernadette had damaged nerves in her legs, inflammation of the heart, and pneumonia

"She can't move, she can't walk. she can't do anything, it just, I don't wanna get emotional,” Mercy Cano, sister.

Bojorquez is immunocompromised, suffering from Lupus. She was doing well with infusion therapy, until now.

"It doesn't stop her is what I'm trying to get to, this COVID stopped her."

It stopped her from doing what she loves most, helping others. She has been providing in-home care to the elderly during the pandemic, with many of them nearing the end of life.

"She has that heart, she has that mentality Because not everybody can do that, not everybody can do these types of jobs,” says Cano.

Bojorquez Is feeling hopeful that her devastating experience will serve as a powerful message. She is not scared for herself but, she is scared for those still gathering in large crowds.

"it's far less important than losing your life or a loved one's life,” says Bojorquez.

“I hope that her story can touch one person and change their life,” says Cano.

The family has set up a Facebook page for donations for medical costs. To donate, click here.