How New Year's resolutions may help fight against COVID-19

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-30 18:28:03-05

PHOENIX — While the number of COVID cases continue to surge, a new study shows how being overweight can lead to more severe COVID symptoms.

According to the CDC, obesity is the most common underlying factor in people dying from COVID.

Experts say they are hopeful that popular New Year's resolutions like eating right will help people in the fight against COVID.

"It's so critical right now to have a healthy diet," said Dr. Shad Marvasti. "These healthy lifestyles, or lack thereof, in the American living pattern is basically a major risk factor for COVID-19 that we're not really paying attention to."

Other studies have suggested more people are gaining weight during the pandemic and while working at home.

"I would say since the beginning of the pandemic that's the biggest thing -- the lack of activity," said Kristen Sharp, a personal trainer.

Sharp said people usually reach out to her in February or March after their first attempts to lose weight and eat right fail.

She told ABC15 that eating the right food can help prevent people from getting sick by boosting their immune systems.

"What you're putting in your body is kind of like your fuel and what keeps you working properly so I like to use the analogy of the car," she said.

"You want to put the right fuel in your car to keep it running and you want to maintain it, and that's what we're supposed to do with our bodies," Sharp said.

Dr. Marvasti agreed.

"I think it was critical before the pandemic because the diseases of our time are diet-related and dietary risk factors are the number one risk factor for disease and premature death that's preventable," he said.

Sharp recommends people looking to lose weight and eat right create a plan with obtainable goals.

"Starting out small, making small changes. Small changes make big changes later and that's probably the best way to start," she said.