Scottsdale startup works to fill child care gaps: 'It's a hard problem to solve'

Posted at 9:51 AM, Nov 24, 2020

Scottsdale natives Arielle McKenzie and Kate Williams have not embarked on an easy task.

The duo is working — amid the Covid-19 pandemic — on building a platform that will enable working parents to find ways to fill gaps in child care.

Notably, they soft-launched the platform last year, partnering with the City Moms Collective blog, which connected them with neighborhood groups in the North Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

“Child care is extremely expensive, and a lot of times it is not very flexible,” McKenzie said. “There is a lot of wait lists. It is difficult a lot of times to find a provider. When that happens it really puts pressure on the family, and a lot of times, there isn’t enough support there to keep working.”

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