Phoenix ranks among top 15 places for female entrepreneurs, report says

Posted at 10:28 AM, Dec 29, 2020

PHOENIX — The Phoenix area now ranks among the best places in the nation for female entrepreneurs.

The Valley is ranked among the top 15 on SmartAsset's "Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs" list, which analyzed 50 of the country's biggest regions.

The regions were judged on a number of criteria: the percent of women-owned businesses, startup early survival rate and the women-to-men pay ratio. This year, factors relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic were also included: the September 2020 unemployment rate and the number of new business applications in 2020 relative to the previous five years.

The Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler MSA ranked No. 11, after not appearing on the top 25 list in 2019. This year, the region pulled high marks with a 80.79% score in the women-to-men pay ratio and 77.85% of early startup survival rate. There is roughly 19.5% of women-owned businesses and 2.7% of women-owned businesses that make up the percentage of large businesses. The September unemployment rate was marked as relatively low, with 6.3%.

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