Land investor plans $50 million sports complex in Glendale

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Posted at 8:48 AM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 11:48:32-04

When Tony Mangat moved to the United States from India in 1992, he settled in California and began training to be a truck driver, learning from a relative who drove trucks there.

He and his relative started a truck driving company and began buying trucks, eventually growing the fleet to about 70 trucks within the United States.

Mangat moved to Arizona in 1998 and continued the trucking business, eventually moving to real estate. Over the past six months, Mangat has invested about $35 million in land purchases, growing his holdings to about 1,000 acres in the Phoenix area.

Mangat closed on land near Loop 101 and Northern Avenue in Glendale for his “passion project,” on April 12. The project is a 36-acre planned development that he anticipates will include outdoor sports fields for field hockey, soccer and tennis, restaurants, hotels and a media center. The $50 million project is planned to hold between 700 and 900 people.

The zoning process for the sports facility will take about six months, then construction for the sports facilities will probably take another six to eight months, he said. After that, four or five restaurants will be developed around it.

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