Arizona's 'I Did Not Pay Enough Fund' set records last year. How will it fare in 2022?

Posted at 8:44 AM, Mar 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-16 11:44:27-04

PHOENIX — Springtime is a welcome reprieve for many Arizonans sick of winter, but the arrival of spring also means it's tax time.

And taxpayers in Arizona who feel they just didn't pay enough taxes the previous year have a unique option to contribute more to state government. They can select the “I Did Not Pay Enough Fund" option on their individual tax return forms. Surprisingly, each year hundreds of desert denizens willingly shell out some extra cash to this state run program.

Last year the fund brought in about $25,700 from 849 returns, which averaged to about $30 per return. Since inception in 2010, the fund has reeled in $184,477, according to records from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

The number of contributions to the fund has been steadily growing in the past six years, with the 849 returns received last year smashing the previous high of 581 returns in 2020. The $25,735 collected last year was also a new record for the fund, though it is still one of the state's smallest revenue generators.

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